MITHIAL is a beautiful and famous village of Tehsil Jand, District Attock (Pakistan). This village is named after Baba MITHA KHAN, a KHATTAR from the AWAN clan. When we hear the word MITHA a mithas (Sweetness) comes to mind. This mithas can be felt in most of the people hearts but rarely visible from their hard and sturdy looks.

Most of the population earns their living hoods by agriculture however a great number of people also serve in Pakistan Army, Air Force, WAPDA, Railway and private services. Some people have settled abroad for better jobs and financially supporting their families back home.

Geographically, the area is mainly dissected plains. The Indus River flows on the north-west side and a rain water Nala (called SOKA) flows in the middle of the area where there is a flood plain with fertile soil. The fields of this area are abundant with lush green vegetation and the land is very good for different crops, vegetables and fruits. The land is rich in nitrogen and people generally sow wheat, gram and peanut crop. Beside sugar cane, maize, barley, jawar is also grown in some areas. Being a rain dependent area most of the farmers rely strictly upon rains and good weather conditions.

MITHIAL is basically located at the mouth of Kala Chitta Mountain Ranges and has a climate of hot summers and cold winters. The maximum temperature in summer reaches 40°C. The average annual rainfall is 783 mm (30.83 inches).The best time to visit Mithial is in spring and winter. Don't forget to carry an extra jersey when visiting in winter because the temperature drops very low in winter, especially at night. The winter season is famous for hunting; it starts around early November and goes till middle of February.


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The True nature of the people of Mithial is well described by Dr.SAADULLAH KHAN KALEEM (a poet of Khattar tribe) :

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In the words of Hakeem Yaseen Shauq (a proud resident):

"People of Mithial are Jangli Gulab"